Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pakistani terrorist swallowed by python while planting bomb

Patriot PythonEtah. An alleged Pakistani terrorist was swallowed by a big python while he (the terrorist) was trying to plant a bomb in the western district of Etah of Uttar Pradesh. The python was taken to a nearby Government Hospital where both of them (the terrorist and the python) were declared brought dead. Police and government authorities were clueless when asked how and from where he (the python) came to the city, but they informed that the terrorist was Pakistani.

“The post-mortem of the terrorist has confirmed that he came from Pakistan. Doctors have recovered Pakistani documents and weapons from inside the python, which couldn’t have belonged to the python. We are investigating how the python came to Etah.” Uttar Pradesh Police Chief told media persons.

According to the police, the Pakistani terrorist didn’t expect to be swallowed by the python and he had no plans for such a scenario. He seemed to have panicked and exploded the bomb straightaway after being swallowed which caused the death of the python as well as his own. Police and authorities denied any intelligence failure.

“The terrorist could not succeed in his nefarious designs, how can you call it an intelligence failure? Tracking movement of pythons is not the job of intelligence agencies or the police. I guess there is no question of intelligence failure in this case.” Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary told Faking News.

The news sent shockwaves across the country as it happened on a day when all Chief Ministers of India met in New Delhi to discuss domestic security. It has especially left the middle classes and lower middle classes of India unnerved as they didn’t think that either terrorists or pythons could target tier-II and tier-III cities of India.

“We thought that only metros and places of elite were on the hit-list of terrorists, but it seems terrorists can strike anywhere. If a python’s stomach is not safe, what should the common man expect?” asked Etah resident Mulayam Kumar Gupta.

Meanwhile, politics has also started on this bizarre incident with BSP supporters accusing SP (Samajwadi Party) to have brought the python to release it on Behen Mayawati’s birthday. BSP supporters have called for a CBI enquiry into the case.

“The python was brought by these SP goondas and they have been training it to swallow people to terrorize poor BSP workers and to kill our Behenji on her birthday.“ accused local BSP leader Shekhar Tiwari.

SP has ridiculed BSP’s claim and has instead accused the ruling government of victimizing the minorities. SP has claimed that the man swallowed by the python was actually an unemployed Muslim youth from Azamgarh and not a terrorist from Pakistan. SP too has demanded a CBI enquiry into the case.


Anonymous said...

unemployed youths of azamgarh carry bombs and weapons with themselves? or maybe the doctors belonged to rss who put the bombs in python's belly to trap the poor unemployed muslim youth

Saad Akhtar said...

It's obviously a cover up! Unemployed Pakistani youths are being brainwashed to kill endangered Indian pythons!

How long must this go on? I propose a candlelight vigil and urge the politicians to stop bickering among themselves and unite to protect our reptilian friends.

Anonymous said...

This is what Paki officicals has to say about Pakistani hand..

Gilani:We can Understand the pain on Indian python.. But many more Pythons are killed here in Pakistan every year... I think India Should not play blame game and Give evidence regarding The terrorist.

Zaradari:I think it is not right to blame Pakistan for everything.India should first increase its security of Pythons.Its a sheer Indian Intelligence failure.

Pak media:The python looks Muslim , Now tell me why would a Muslim brother kill Another Muslim.
This is stupid, The man with Bombs was a trained suicide bomber of India and they did this so that they can blame Pakistan!

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