Sunday, January 18, 2009

Raju Hirani to sue Amar singh for piracy

Laal SalaamLucknow. Since last couple of years Raju hirani has been diligently working on a script to add on to his series of Munnabhai movies, but to his surprise and shock, Amar singh turned this dream venture into a real life drama without notifying him or without buying the rights to make this. He has sustained huge loss because of this as the date of the release was also finalized. Raju might sue Amar Singh for launching the third Munnabhai movie without due credits given to him.

The third movie titled ‘Munnabhai MLA’ will be a real life story (although MLA could become MP) and in this, the cute supporting actor Circuit is being replaced by none other than Amar singh himself. But the roles have been changed a bit here; in the reel version Circuit was like a younger brother, a dear friend and his Man Friday, but in real life Circuit is the elder brother and he would be giving orders to Munna instead of taking them.

“I would do a better job than reel wala Circuit and even win international awards for the best supporting actor. With this, India’s long time wait for an Oscar award will finally end.” Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh expressed confidence.

On the contrary our very own Munnabhai finds himself in an awkward situation as he is not sure whether this real life role will fetch him awards as the heroine is none other than his wife Manyata. Poor Vidya balan sulks!

Meanwhile Raju Hirani is believed to have signed an underhand deal with Priya dutt where she would criticize her brother and convince him emotionally to be a part of films where action is REEL and the bullets are not the types used in politics. But as they say "mohabbat aur jung mein sab jaayaz hai" (all is fair in love and war), Sanajy Dutt is not listening.

Whether he is doing it out of feeling of love for someone or war against someone is not clear. Whichever is the case, we’d say – Lage raho Munnabhai.

(This exclusive news report has been brought to you by Faking News special correspondent Charkha Dutt)


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