Saturday, January 17, 2009

ICC releases list of greatest ever spectators

Greatness at GabbaLondon, UK. After releasing lists of all time greatest batsmen and bowlers of the cricketing world, ICC has come up with another list of all time greatest – the spectators of the gentleman’s game. And like its earlier lists, even this one has got mired into controversies as soon as ICC released it. There were serious differences between cricketing nations on the choice of spectators who made it to the top ten.

Topping the ICC list was Australian spectator Robert Ogilvie, the world famous streaker who was grounded by Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds at Gabba in March last year. Ogilvie was undaunted by criticisms of his action at that time and had expressed confidence that he could streak again. Such a steadfast love for cricket is believed to have fetched him the honor by ICC.

“It feels good as Symond’s shoulders. I thank ICC for acknowledging my contribution in popularizing cricket among third world countries, where people have a special liking for lesser clothes on human bodies. I also hope that more and more streakers would get inspired with my achievement.” Ogilvie told Faking News.

There are three other streakers – another Australian, one Kiwi, and one British national – making it to the top ten list of all time greatest spectators. The Kiwi spectator was picked for a special mention and praise by ICC as he was hit on buttocks by the then Australian captain Greg Chappell in 1976.

The presence of four streakers in top ten has enraged Asian cricket playing nations, with India and Pakistan threatening to walk out of ICC if the list was not scrapped. These nations were also shocked as the most popular spectator of this part of the world – Chacha Cricket – didn’t figure anywhere in the ICC list, not even in the footnotes, although England’s Barmy Army is right on second spot.

“It’s a great injustice to people of Asia who send maximum money to ICC in revenues. The rationale and methodology used to prepare this list beats all logic. ICC must take it back and apologize.” BCCI spokesperson Rajiv Shukla told. Pakistan Cricket Board, which recently has been at loggerheads with its Indian counterpart, has also supported Shukla and pledged all support to BCCI in the ’struggle’.

Pakistan and India also objected to ICC’s comments in the footnotes where the international governing body had criticized spectators in India for monkey chants against Andrew Symonds and those in Pakistan for physically assaulting Indian cricketers. BCCI, backed by PCB, cautioned ICC against taking a moral high ground.

But ICC has refuted charges of bias against Asian spectators. A press release from the council remarked that the Indian girl who had received and sent flying kisses to Indian fast bowler Zahir Khan was slotted at ninth position in the concerned top ten list. ICC officials explained that the list didn’t necessarily pass any definitive judgment on the calibers of the spectators.

”The rankings give an indication of how spectators peeked during their careers but do not give a full picture of those spectators’ level of consistency or longevity during the game.” The press release clarified. ICC asked Asian nations not to overreact on such stuff and reiterated that despite these criticisms, they would keep coming up with lists of further all-time greats of cricketing world.


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