Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The secret of killer door exposed

Meerut. The secret of killer door, which has allegedly executed dozens of murder in rainy seasons each year, has been finally exposed by a Faking News reader. The killer door, called darindaa darwaaza by locals, has been terrorizing people for generations.

The legend has it that whenever someone opened the door in the Hindu month of Saawan i.e. the rainy season, a dead body used to drop out of nowhere. The locals used to desert the place in the month of Saawan fearing the bloodbath. But now a Faking News reader has found out the secret behind the door.

The daring Faking News reader has sent us this EXCLUSIVE video of his sting operation on Saawan ka darindaa darwaaza:

(the video has been produced by Dhiraj Chaudhary)


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