Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Al Qaida threatens India for celebrating Valentine’s Day

Green DayFATA/farta, Pakistan. Al Qaida has released a video where its commander Mustafa Ahmed Muhammad Uthman Abu al-Yazid has threatened India against carrying out Valentine’s Day celebrations. Abu Yazid has cautioned that his supporters would stuff the teddy bears and heart shaped balloons with hand grenades so that the Hindu infidels were killed if they tried to indulge in any abominable activity on V-Day.

The video, believed to be shot by a Sony digital camera, showed Abu Yazid, believed to be dead by Pakistani army, wearing a Sheikh like dress, believed to be designed by one of the beheaded dress designers, issuing out a warning, believed to be targeted against liberal and secular Hindus of India. The video was sent to television channels of India, believed to be showing news.

“Indians go to pubs to drink and act obscenely. Such things are causing Pakistani youths to copy them and are destroying our culture. We would never ever allow it to happen. Death to infidels.” Abu Yazid is believed to have told in Arabic, which was dubbed into Urdu in the video.

Faking News could contact an Al Qaida representative who confirmed the message contained in the video. When asked if Al Qaida was toeing the same line on Valentine’s Day as the Sri Ram Sene (SRS) of India, the representative vehemently denied the allegations. He accused SRS of being agents of USA and the western world.

“Due to economic recession, this Valentine’s Day was going to see minimal spending on cards, pubs, multiplexes, etc. The American companies running these establishments were worried and hence they created SRS to bring back V-Day into fashion. You stupid Indians felt for the trap and are now so eager to celebrate the day, but we won’t allow this conspiracy by the Americans to succeed.” the representative told us.

The government of India has taken the threat by Al Qaida very seriously and blamed Pakistan for creating troubles in India. Home Minister P Chidambaram has assured that government will provide security on Valentine’s Day and may even declare it a national holiday.


Sambha said...

Watch out for India TV's valentine day's special live from SWAT valley. A delhi based group headed by Renuka Cowdry will gift pink undies to all Taliban in that area.

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