Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Pink Pigeon Campaign

The Pink Pigeon Campaign

Agra. Faking News has finally decided to join the pink war over the Mangalore pub attack, completing the trinity of campaigns. The first campaign was started by a few women, who decided to gift away their Pink Chaddis (underwear) to pub attackers, this one was rejoined by another campaign that aimed to send Pink Condoms to these women and men, and now Faking News jumps into the fray by calling people to send Pink Pigeons to everyone.

Our campaign aims at creating peace, tolerance, and jobs in our country. By choosing pink pigeons, Faking News Intelligence Group (FNIG) has been able to find a tool to realize all three goals. Pigeons will bring peace, not able to spot a pink colored pigeon in India would be quite frustrating to you and would teach you a lot of tolerance, and the extensive labor put into finding a pink pigeon will create jobs.

When finally you are able to find a pink colored pigeon, please send it to someone, preferably to someone who doesn’t agree with your point of view. Please get a pledge from the person to whom you would gift the pigeon that he/she won’t kill, cook and eat your gift. Also, please don’t try to color white pigeons with pink color to take part in this campaign. You must find a naturally pink pigeon if you want the other person to naturally like your gift.

The Pink Pigeon Campaign has already become a hit with youth of India, with most of them saying that pigeons were the best way to express one’s opinion as opposed to underwear or condoms. Faking News wants to make clear that pink is not our national color, as was misinterpreted by many of our supporters due to ‘pink’ being common in all campaigns. There were other interpretations of our campaigns too.

“Pigeons are sexy birds. They can crap on anyone’s heads and get away with it. What better way there could be to express your opinion other than this? I’m gonna get at least a dozen of pink pigeons.” Raghu Ram, one of the campaigners told us and thanked us.

While FNIG was a bit worried that their original idea behind the campaign might get lost in differing interpretations, it was happy that the youth of India liked the campaign. FNIG has appealed to people that if they can’t find pink pigeons, they can draw pictures of ones and send them to people of their choices; this was done after it received a legal notice from Animal Rights group for violating the rights of pink pigeons of India.


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