Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Answer to Tata Nano, Ford launches $500 car


Dearborn Michigan, USA. Ford Motor Company President & CEO Alan Mulally announced their latest offering in the automobile sector – the $500 passenger car Ox-Ford. Ox-Ford is inspired from the original “Ford Model T” and it is a low emission carbon neutral vehicle. The announcement came even as Obama administration announced interim loans to rescue the troubled auto industry.

Ox-Ford would be powered by a bullock in the front, and thus reduce the American dependency on foreign oil, something that the American consumer and administration would want. Experts believe that this factor could be used by the government to justify the use of taxpayers’ money to rescue the car makers.

Though initial plans have been kept secret, the prototype model would be 0.285 horsepower and would accelerate from 0 to 60 ft/min in under 2 hours. Fuel consumption is expected to be 10 miles per bushel of hay. There are rumours that a sportier twin engine car would come out soon.

Also the car is available in any colour as long as its black, keeping in mind the grand tradition of oligopoly enjoyed since the time of its founder Henry Ford with its very own Model-T.

Ford spokesperson said it is also expected to have significantly lower CO2 emissions though sceptics say that the reduced emission claim is a load of bullshit, as there would be greater methane emissions due to incessant farting, not to mention urine leaks which would be nearly as bad as engine oil leaks in American cars.

As for exporting the vehicle, initially it is only planned for local sales in Detroit, due to shortage of bulls in the area. Also keeping in mind President Obama’s “Employ American” directive, only American bulls would be employed, quashing rumours of importing Indian bulls, who have a bigger hump and are experienced in pulling bullock carts therefore more suited for the job. Right now the H1-B visa wouldn’t be available to the Indian bulls since the Detroit Auto industry is availing of the “bail-out” package from the US government.

Back home, many people claimed that Ford was trying to do a Tata by announcing a low cost passenger car and might soon flood Indian markets with Ox-Ford. When Faking News correspondent contacted Ratan Tata, the Chairman of Tata Group, he declined to comment specifically on Ford, but said that there was no threat to Nano from American car makers.

(the report has been submitted by Pravasi Patrakar after intense analysis of international auto sector)


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