Saturday, March 28, 2009

Indian Netaji is the new face of Joker

Netaji JokerNew Delhi. After an Indian actress was chosen for being the new face of Barbie doll, Indians have got to take pride in yet another international recognition from the global society. DC Comics has announced that an Indian politician would be the new face of the Joker of Batman series. Taking lessons from the confusions and tensions between Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif on who was the latest face of Barbie doll, DC Comics has announced that the face of Joker would not resemble any identifiable Indian politician.

“Joker has been one of the most enigmatic and secretive negative characters in the world history. On some occasions he is criminal, cruel or sadistic, while on other occasions he is just ridiculous and funny. Over a long time we have tried different personalities to play the role of Joker, giving the Joker varying appearances. But our team has finally decided that nobody but an Indian politician fits the character of the Joker best.” DC Comics press release informed.

The decision by DC Comics has been widely appreciated by Indians and they feel that India in now truly becoming an international superpower.

“First Slumdog Millionaire, then Barbie doll, and now Joker – I feel so proud. Also, this is for the first time an Indian politician has brought us such a pride. Even a Pakistani politician couldn’t get his face on Osama dolls. I hope soon we have the Netaji Joker toys in the market. I just can’t wait!” Janta Sharma, a common Indian citizen told.

But the political class had mixed reactions to the news. Politicians belonging to different parties have declared that they will welcome the move only if the Joker was given an identifiable face from a rival party.

“We always knew Lalu Yadav was the ultimate Joker. They should have put Lalu’s face on the Joker. It doesn’t make sense to give the Joker a general face of Indian politician.” Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar told Faking News.

Our sources inform us that the next Batman movie will include the Netaji Joker character. An Indian actor could play the role of Joker, auditions for which would soon start in different cities of India. Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh, who recently acted in a movie, is tipped to be the hot favorite to play the role, though Mr. Singh denied any such possibility.

In the possible plot, Netaji Joker would be a common jobless Indian who would fall into a container full of currencies, weapons and toxic waste and would come out with bleached khaadi clothes and big blood-thirsty-red lips. There would be a slight difference with earlier Jokers of Batman series with the Netaji Joker having his khaadi attire whiter than his face.

But there would not be much of a difference with earlier Jokers on other counts, for example Netaji Joker's victims too would include innocent and unsuspecting men, women, children, and even his own henchmen. In the movie, Netaji Joker would raise an army of lawyers, journalists, policemen, businessmen, and criminals to subjugate common people, who would wish that Batman came and rescued them.

The movie has been titled “Waiting for Batman” and a formal announcement would be made on April 16, 2009 by the producers.


Sonia said...

"Waiting for Batman" is on the lines of "Waiting for Godot"??
If so, you are wrong! We already have a Batman - Modi! and he has a Robin too now - Varun Gandhi!

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