Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jeans with fingerprint reader buttons launched

Unbuttoned LoveMumbai. Levi’s has announced arrival of special jeans trousers with fingerprint sensor buttons for the Indian market, especially for the rich and the famous. These trousers will unbutton only by the fingers of the original wearer. The buttons will first scan the fingerprints of the hands trying to unbutton the jeans and will yield only when the fingerprints match with those of the original wearers, which will be recorded at the time of sale.

Levi’s will include this new line of fingerprint reading jeans under the brand ‘unbuttons’, but won’t use the global campaign “Live Unbuttoned” for promotions. The company has retained the now Padma Shree Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar as the brand ambassador, who recently came under fire for indulging in an alleged obscene act while promoting the ‘unbuttons’ brand in a fashion show.

“We don’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Clearly there were many people who didn’t like pants that could be opened by someone else other than the wearer. To stop recurrence of such instances, we decided to launch jeans that would simply refuse to get unbuttoned by someone else other than the wearer. I hope this should settle the controversy now. We request the aggrieved parties to buy our new line of fingerprint sensor jeans.” Levi’s press release told.

But the step has refused to pacify people who thought Akshay Kumar and Levi’s broke the limits of decency by performing the unbuttoning act. These activists and social workers claim that the actor and the company are not only trying to shirk the responsibility, but also trying to leverage a rather shameful incident for their publicity and promotions. The activists have questioned the rationale behind the launch of fingerprint sensor jeans.

“By launching fingerprint sensor jeans, is Levi’s trying to prove that it was just a lack of a technological feature in the jeans that caused that shameful unbuttoning act in public? Instead of correcting their conduct, they are trying to correct the costume. I guess this is the new form of wardrobe malfunction that we are seeing to promote fashion shows and brands.” Sunil Nair, one of the social workers offended by Akshay and Twinkle’s act, told Faking News.

Faking News tried to contact Akshay and Twinkle both to get their reactions but they refused to comment on the issue, although Akshay told that he was happy to see a fingerprint reading jeans and was looking forward to promote it among the Indian youth.

Meanwhile fashion gurus had mixed reactions to the latest offering by Levi’s. Leading designer Saari Kumar ridiculed the idea and claimed that no one will buy such a brand unless it was supplemented with a password feature, but another designer Kameez Khurrana thought it to be a ‘cool’ stuff. Although Khurrana cautioned the wearers that they can get embarrassed and dirty in public toilets if the fingerprint sensors stopped working.

Social thinkers too had mixed reactions. While some of them agreed with protestors and claimed that this was just a stunt to shift the onus of behavioral error from humans on to clothes, others claimed that such products were retrogressive in nature and would be taking human beings to the medieval era of chastity belts.


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