Friday, April 3, 2009

543 tricksters are on prowl in India: intelligence report

Agents of No ChangeNew Delhi. While the Indian media widely reported about the intelligence report suggesting possible presence of seven pilots and several women in India to carry out terror attacks on Indian citizens during the elections, they ignored the intelligence report confirming presence of several tricksters in India to swindle Indian citizens through the elections. The terror alert was issued by the state intelligence groups while the trick alert was issued by the Faking News Intelligence Group (FNIG).

FNIG report warns Indian citizens of various tricksters on prowl, who are looking to fleece them by beguiling them. The report estimates that currently thousands of such tricksters are moving on the sly, and warns that at least 543 of them could end up successfully tricking the Indian citizens by May end if the citizens didn’t become alert.

The report further informs that modus operandi of such tricksters are only subtly different from the common cheats and frauds found in various villages and cities across the country, especially those who drug and loot poor passengers in trains.

“Just like those common cheats, these tricksters get friendly with their targets and even voice concern on the ongoing loot by condemning other cheats, thus appealing to the conscious of the common man. Finally they dupe the unsuspecting and the unconscious man. While the common cheats vanish after the act, these special tricksters don’t do the vanishing act and instead come back again and again to rip off the unsuspecting citizens.” the report informed.

FNIG report equates such acts of cheating by these special set of tricksters as being no less lethal than terrorism. The report further claims that just as terror attacks are a result of intelligence failure of the government agencies, getting cheated by such tricksters are a result of intelligence failure of a common Indian man.

“A common man demands the government agents to be penalized or replaced if an intelligence failure takes place, but he has failed to penalize or replace his own agents of intelligence even though failures have been happening regularly. He must change his agents of intelligence if he doesn’t want to get duped again.” FNIG report recommends.

Unfortunately the FNIG report did not create such a strong ripple as the terror warning by government intelligence agencies could. Some experts believe that currently a common man is more concerned about him “being” than his “well being” and that’s why he was more interested in the terror warning. But other experts have argued that the lack of interest in the trick warning was due to the fact that the common man has yet not realized the value and worth of the assets being looted by these tricksters.


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