Thursday, April 2, 2009

The myth of bad Taliban

Good Taliban and Bad WomanLahore, Pakistan. Faking News has come up with another scoop after finding out the reason behind the bitter love affair between Chand Mohammad and Fiza. Our experts have concluded that there is no bad Taliban, giving credence to the belief of many Af-Pakistanis who think Taliban as a pious organization of passionate Muslims. Our experts have discovered that all the recent ‘bad’ terror attacks in Pakistan, e.g. bomb blast in a Mosque or attack on Sri Lankan Cricket team, were false-flag operations carried out by the ISI to discredit Taliban crusaders.

Our investigations started when the US President Obama expressed his willingness to talk to the ‘good’ Taliban for peace in the region. This statement was not met with the usual gaiety and support for the US policy by the Pakistani establishment. Our experts analyzed and deduced that Pakistani government considered the ‘good’ Taliban as a threat.

After further analysis, our experts found out that the administration and power centers of Pakistan have always been in the hands of a few people, mostly coming from the Punjab region, and these people have always thwarted any attempt to wrest powers from their hands. When people from earlier East Pakistan tried to capture power, they were dealt with iron hand resulting in the Bangladesh war of independence.

These people, who are also the brains behind the ISI and run the intelligence agency, could sense a clear and present threat from the ‘good’ Taliban, which was making inroads in various parts of Pakistan. A common citizen of Pakistan seemed to welcome Taliban as the organization of largely Afghani men moved fast southwards and eastwards into Pakistan.

With tottering Pakistani economy and valueless political class, the administration and powerful people of Pakistan feared that the general public of Pakistan might rise in revolt under the leadership of Taliban on lines of the so-called Islamic revolution of Iran. These powerful people saw themselves being pushed out of power like Shah of Iran, and hence decided to paint Taliban as ‘bad’ people in the eyes of a common Pakistani.

With such a mandate, ISI carried out the ‘bad’ terror attacks in Pakistan and blamed it on Taliban instead of India, our experts conclude.


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