Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bappi Lahiri arrested for carrying excessive gold, blames Rahman

bappi daMumbai. Disco King Bappi Lahiri was detained here by custom officials at international airport on charges of carrying more gold than allowed and not having declared its possession in advance. Most of the gold he carried was worn as chains, bracelets and other embellishment by Bappida, apart from a few gold lemons, flowers and toothbrush in his handbag. Bappida has been sent to judicial custody but his lawyers have approached the court for a bail.

“This is ridiculous. Why should Bappida declare something that has been known by the whole world? He is called a golden man even in foreign countries, do the custom officials don’t know it? Furthermore, he has traveled in all that gold many times by now, why didn’t they arrest him then? This is clearly a conspiracy against our client.” Mungeri Mafatlal, lawyer of Bappida argued.

While the lawyer was circumspect in blaming anyone, Bappida openly blamed musician A R Rahman for conspiring against him and bribing the custom officials to arrest him.

“Rahman is jealous of my growing popularity, he had to do such a thing is real pity. He might have won an Oscar by error, but I’m going to win a Grammy by this year. You think he gave you Jai Ho, but I had given you Ramba Ho. I might have been cheated, but I will not be defeated. Remember, I’m the golden man, you’re my golden fan.” Bappida told our correspondent while being taken away by the officials.

When contacted by Faking News, A R Rahman or his representatives refused to comment on the development, giving rise to speculations that all is not well between the two musicians.


Anonymous said...

Our secret sources confirmed Anu malik is conspirator. As Bhappida has plagiarized all western songs, malik now has left with no choice but to plagiarize songs from Uganda and somalia.

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