Monday, June 8, 2009

Osama addresses the gay world

OsamaTora Bora, Afpakistan. Al Qaida president Mr. Osama Bin Laden has delivered a speech specifically addressed to what he described as the ‘gay world’. The organization claimed that it’s an attempt to reach out to homosexuals living in different parts of the world, who are under the false impression that Al Qaida is inimical to them. Al Qaida sources termed the speech as a ‘message of peace’.

“Al Qaida is not at war with the gays. If anyone of you thinks we don’t like homosexuals, someone has given you false information. We don’t hate gays, but we just have our own views on sex.” Osama declared, requesting homosexuals to contact Al Qaida officials for more information and interaction to clear the misconceptions.

It should be noted that in the past, numerous instances of gay bashing by groups like Taliban, which are considered a part of the Al Qaida network, has given rise to the widespread belief that Al Qaida doesn’t like gays and lesbians and advocates penalty for them, even capital punishment on times. But Osama declared such beliefs ‘unfounded’.

Gay leaders worldwide have reacted cautiously to the speech. While many of them welcomed the step, the skeptics among them declared such speeches mere a ‘lip service’ till Al Qaida improves its records against gays. Some gay thinkers and journalists also questioned the terminology used by the Al Qaida men.

“What do they mean by reaching out to the gay world? Do they mean to suggest that there are no gays in Al Qaida, and they live in a different world? If they think so, they are living in fool’s paradise. I think there are a lot of similarities between a gay and an Al Qaida guy. Both like to screw people who are similar to themselves.” leading gay columnist of San Francisco Times Allton Peter told.

Meanwhile Obama administration has ridiculed the speech by Osama and has cautioned people against such gimmicks by the most wanted terrorist of the USA. A government press release has assured gays of protection of their rights within and outside the USA, and has urged them not to lean towards Al Qaida after Osama’s speech.


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