Saturday, June 13, 2009

BJP leader wants Salman Khan to lead the party

Salman KhanRanchi. The problems for BJP after their defeat in the general elections are refusing to go away. After various leaders and strategists questioned the sluggish response of the party and called for a more focused vision and strategy, voices are now being raised to change the party leadership. A senior leader from Jharkhand is believed to have recommended the name of Bollywood actor Salman Khan as the party president and prime ministerial candidate for the next general elections.

“We have learnt all bad things from congress like lack of intra-party democracy, sycophancy and tolerance for corruption in public life, and that has caused us to get defeated in the elections. It’s time we learn the good things from them like making a minority member prime ministerial candidate. Sikhs are to Congress what Muslims are to BJP.” the leader is believed to have argued.

The choice of Salman Khan was backed by factors like acceptance among youth, acceptance among the RSS cadre, and previous relationship with the BJP. Salman Khan is believed to have scored well on all these factors.

“Salman is still young as compared to our present leaders. He holds Ganpati Puja at his home despite being a Muslim and RSS members like it very much. And he has campaigned for BJP in the past. I don’t think we can get a better candidate to lead BJP out of the present electoral crisis.” the BJP leader told Faking News in an exclusive chat.

The rebel leader also argued that by making Salman Khan the president of BJP, the party would also get the much needed mask, as was suggest in a Faking News report a few days back. The leader further argued that just like Congress performed better even in the Sikh majority state of Punjab, BJP will do better in the Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir after Salman is made the party chief.

“If Salman Khan ends up marrying Katrina Kaif, who is half Kashmiri, I don’t see any reason why BJP can’t win elections in Kashmir.” the leader quipped.


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