Friday, June 19, 2009

Bureaucrat accused of sodomy was receiving piles treatment?

pants_downBhopal. The curious case of unbuttoned pants of an IAS officer has taken another bizarre turn. Gyaneshwar Patil, CEO of a Bhopal district panchayat, who was inexplicably caught on camera in a semi-nude condition in his office last midnight, now says that he was receiving treatment for piles when mediapersons stormed his office and shot his pictures without his pants on. Earlier Mr. Patil, who was accused of sodomy by Sikandarabad Village Panchayat Secretary Satish Chaukse, had claimed that Chaukse was trying to blackmail him and tarnish his image.

“I was shamed and mortified after shameless journalists caught me pants down. Out of embarrassment I told things which I didn’t mean. The truth is that I am suffering from painful piles and Chaukse had claimed that he knew some exotic remedy that could cure even the most complex cases of piles. That night I stayed back late in the office to get treatment from Chaukse. Finally he arrived around midnight and asked me to take my pants off and come along with him in the bathroom so that he could examine me closely. I didn’t know I was falling for a trap, but I believed him as I desperately wanted to get rid of this painful swelling.” Patil told.

Patil has requested Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to revoke his suspension order and help him get some medical help. He has also demanded that quacks like Chaukse and journalists, who seized his pants and tossed to each other, should be arrested and punished. He accused journalists of pushing him in a very uncomfortable position causing him to speak all wrong things out of embarrassment.

“In Indian subcontinent, you are made to be ashamed of your misfortunes. Even a great cricketer like Shoaib Akhtar was made fun of because he was suffering from genital warts. That’s why I was very uncomfortable when journalists asked me all kinds of questions. I couldn’t tell them my medical problems. Our society needs to be more sensitive towards people suffering from such diseases.” Patil requested people to be more considerate.

After this new twist in the tale, the Madhya Pradesh Government has ordered composition of a medical committee that will examine Gyaneshwar Patil and all other IAS officers for possible cases of piles. A government statement requested officers not to trust quacks and desist from receiving treatment in government offices. The government has refused to revoke the suspension order of Mr. Patil till the committee submits its report.

But the alleged victim of sodomy Satish Chaukse has rubbished the claims of Gyaneshwar Patil and denied having any information or knowledge about piles in general or Patil’s medical conditions in particular. He also refused the charges that he trapped Patil into taking his pants off.

“Why would I work as a Panchayat Secretary for a low salary if I had any special information on treatment of piles? I would have made a killing through medical practice as I’m sure there are lots of sore assholes (sic.) around. This is just a ruse by Patil to divert attention from the real issues.” Chaukse claimed.


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the IAS officer's name was Gyaneshwar - Gyan Ishwar - god of knowledge? or Gay An Arse Worse?

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