Monday, June 15, 2009

Dhoni’s love songs CD recovered from English team

Dhoni's Love SongsLords, England. An investigative team of Faking News probing India’s exit from international T20 world cup has found scores of CDs from members of English team. These CDs are titled “my love songs” and have pictures of Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni on them. They seemed to have been distributed by the Indian telephony company Aircel. It should be noted that English team had defeated India yesterday causing India’s exit from the T20 world cup.

The CDs were recovered when Faking News sneaked into the dressing room of English team while they were celebrating their victory over India. English team had an immaculate plan to contain Indians and they succeeded in it, causing our team to get over-curious to analyze the causes of the defeat. Our team was mighty surprised to find these CDs as Aircel has no operations in England yet.

But it seems these CDs have got nothing to do with Aircel as later on we found out that West Indies team, which beat Indian team a couple of days ago, too possessed similar CDs. Aircel doesn’t have operations in Caribbean as well. Why are these teams listening to Dhoni’s love songs?

“Members of both these teams might have got these CDs while playing in the IPL last month. But it’s still enigmatic how these CDs might have got a role to play in India’s defeat. England and West Indies both had similar strategies to contain Indian batsman. Could it be possible that they got ideas from these CDs?” our chief investigating officer Jasoos Vikram wondered.

The CDs have contemporary romantic songs from various films from India. The Hindi songs CD starts with a song called Rehna Tu (Don’t change and be the way you have been) and ends with Jaane Kyon (God knows why).

“I am clueless about these CDs and India’s losses as well. God knows why the Indian team didn’t change their batting style from the way they batted against West Indies.” Jasoos Vikram further wondered.


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