Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lazy man wants to file I-T returns through facebook updates

lazy guyHyderabad. Garmee Gupta, a very lazy man working for an MNC, wants to file his annual income tax returns using modern technological tools like facebook status updates or twitter tweets. Garmee, who hates to come out of his room and has made his company arrange for a workstation there itself, is planning to launch a mass agitation from within his room to force the government into accepting his demands.

“This is ridiculous. The UPA government claims it represents the young India and is with the aam aadmi (common man), but what is it doing to prove it? A young common Indian has to run from one office to another and gather a heap of documents even to pay money (taxes) to the government. The government should take all the trouble in gathering information and documenting them if it wants money.” Garmee told Faking News.

Mr. Gupta wants the I-T department to make either a facebook or a twitter ID.

“I-T department can have a twitter ID and start following all of us young Indians. We would declare our earnings through tweets and the department can analyze and archive the data. If that sounds too cumbersome, the department could have a facebook page where we would put the required information regarding our earnings, savings etc. on the wall, if those lazy fellows don’t want to follow our status updates on facebook as well. We can even upload scanned documents on the facebook page wall if the government really wants to pain us and asks for proof.” Garmee expounded his proposed action plan.

Garmee has sent a memorandum to the government and asked them to implement his plan within two weeks failing which he’d start a mass agitation by making facebook groups, orkut communities and various public blogs. Garmee has asked all like minded individuals to support him in his endeavors. Garmee was too lazy to give our reporter his contact details, where lazy like minded individuals could contact him.


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