Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rahul adopts a dalit child on Father’s Day, Mayawati furious

Buffalo SoldierMulayampur, Uttar Pradesh. Last Friday, Congress party workers had distributed food in dalit localities on the eve of birthday of their general secretary Rahul Gandhi. Today, on the eve of Father’s Day, Rahul Gandhi reportedly declared that he’d adopt a dalit girl child and raise her as a father. Rahul has adopted the same eight year old girl, with whom he had ridden a buffalo around eight months back. The girl’s name is Maya Kumari.

“Rahul baba came back to the village to thank people who voted for Congress candidate. He was sad to learn that villagers’ conditions had not improved even a bit since he came last. Little Maya’s father had passed away in her childhood and her mother had tough time raising her. Out of grueling poverty worsened by poor governance, her mother even tried to sell her to a rich man in Ambedkarnagar. When Rahul baba heard this story, he was deeply moved and decided to adopt her.” local Youth Congress leader Sapna Merchant informed.

According to Sapna, Little Maya will now fly to New Delhi with Congress general secretary and live with Rahul Gandhi in his official residence. She will also get to study in the best schools and colleges in India and abroad. Rahul has promised to her that her dream of becoming a nuclear scientist will get realized one day and he’d be a proud father then.

Whole of Mulayampur village is reportedly happy over the development, but some reports also suggested that a few villagers were unhappy with this preferential treatment given to one child. It should be noted (refer to the Faking News report) that Rahul Gandhi had gone on a buffalo ride with two kids, the other being equally unfortunate to be living in poverty.

“Why was the other kid, the boy Naram Yadav, left to fend for his own? Rahul made use of him when he wanted to ride a buffalo and now he didn’t even care to visit his house. Why this special treatment to Maya? Will the Yuvraaj of Congress help only when the parents try to sell their kids? All of us who are taking good care of our children deserve no rewards?” Amar Singh, an angry villager asked.

Not only villagers like Amar Singh, Rahul’s apparently benevolent act has riled even the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Kumari Behen Mayawati. Behenji accused Rahul of being a ‘dramabaaz’ and ‘natakbaaz’ like Mahatma Gandhi, who had no genuine intentions to help dalits. Mayawati has claimed that the whole act was a conspiracy to defraud dalits of their rights and identity.

“We all know what happened to Kalawati. Now the Yuvraaj has made promises to Maya. This dramabaz Gandhi has deliberately chosen my namesake to insult me and hence the whole dalit society. He wants to finish dalits. Now that dalit girl will no longer remain dalit because caste of a person is same as his or her father’s caste. In essence, Rahul Gandhi has only reduced the population and weakened the strength of dalits. I appeal to my party members to see through this conspiracy and not let this drama go on for long.” Mayawati thundered.

wikipediaMayawati also announced a "chheen lo” (snatch them) movement on this occasion asking all dalit families to take back their sons and daughters who might have been adopted or being raised by Congress workers in recent years. She claimed that Congressmen were inherently incapable of giving anything for free to the society and their adoption drama was all hogwash.

“There is no free image of Rahul Gandhi even on Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia for the common masses. Why didn’t the Congress walas give a free image to the organization? It’s simple, because Congressmen don’t want that a common person should benefit and become more educated. They just believe in doing drama and deceiving dalits.” Mayawati claimed.

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