Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rahul Gandhi rides a buffalo

Buffalo SoldierMainpuri, Uttar Pradesh. Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi, who is on an unguided tour of rural India, won a lot of hearts here today when he rode a buffalo along with two local kids. Rahul moved around the streets of Mulayampur village riding on the same buffalo for over half an hour. Rahul described the experience as ‘exhilarating’.

“I just had the time of my life. One can get the true picture of India through such exhilarating experiences. I would suggest each Youth Congress worker to ride a buffalo at least once and work for the development of the country.” Rahul told mediapersons, wiping heavy sweat drops off his forehead.

Rahul also fed fodder to the same buffalo after the ride was over and shared a cup of tea with local villagers who informed Rahul about their livelihood problems. Rahul assured them of working towards a solution if Congress came to power in the state.

Rahul also told villagers not to worry because Indo-US Nuclear Deal had become a law and soon India will be placing orders for energy needs. Villagers were very happy to know this as one of their major problems was law and order.

Later on, Rahul accused Mayawati government of doing nothing for the poor people. He also told that through such visits, he was getting better information about rural India and it would help him in discussing issues of a common man with the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile Mayawati has hit back at Rahul Gandhi for criticizing her government. She claimed that Rahul’s buffalo ride was a drama to fool the poor and the dalits. She further accused Rahul of exploiting them.

“Congress workers had cushioned their yuvraaj with two dalit kids on either side when riding a buffalo. It was a well thought out plan to put those two poor dalit kids on risk to save Rahul Gandhi in case he fell off the buffalo. I have asked Mainpuri DM to look into this matter of exploitation and child labor.” Mayawati told Faking News.

Mayawati also claimed that the concerned buffalo was washed with mineral water and deodorant was applied on its skin before Rahul boarded it.

Rahul's BuffaloFaking News was the first media team to hunt down the buffalo (see exclusive pictures on the left side), but by that time the buffalo had entered a dirty river and our team was at loss to verify the claims of Mayawati. But we found out that the buffalo’s name was Kalu.

Rahul also had to face criticism from his aunty and animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi, who termed Rahul’s act as an example of cruelty towards animals. She has asked Rahul to apologize to the buffalo.

“How can three persons be allowed to ride on a single buffalo for over half an hour? This is unacceptable. And if Rahul actually had got the buffalo washed in mineral water and sprayed deodorant on it, then this is actually criminal. This can cause skin cancer to the buffalo. I demand a high level enquiry into the whole matter.” Ms. Gandhi fumed.

Meanwhile Congress leaders have rubbished he claims of Maneka Gandhi and Mayawati and have accused UP government of witch-hunting by ordering an enquiry into Rahul’s buffalo ride. Party has declared that Rahul Gandhi will continue his tour of rural India and continue inspiring the youth of the country.

“Rahulji has done a very commendable job. I will ask all IIMs to send their students on a compulsory one month internship in villages where all of them must ride buffaloes. Government will soon issue a notice to all IIM directors in this regard.” veteran congress leader and HRD minister Arjun Singh informed.

IIM directors and students refused to comment on the issue until they received any notification from the ministry. However IIM Ahmedabad campus saw funny scenes when a stray buffalo entered the campus.


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well written.

we have an Austin Powers and Dr. Evil movie going on in UP. I love Ulta Pradesh.

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