Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Abhinav Bindra to offer consultancy services

Ask BindraChandigarh. While most of the cricketers open restaurants or cricket academies, Olympic gold medalist and World shooting champion Abhinav Bindra has surprised everyone by starting his own consultancy company. Abhinav has named his company ‘Golden Eye Private Limited’.

“Golden Eye will operate in shooting sector only. I could see a lot of opportunities in this sector as shooting is more popular in India as a serious business rather than a game.” Abhinav told Faking News in an exclusive chit chat.

Abhinav is slated to meet Home Minister Shivraj Patil tomorrow as he feels that central government and various state governments could be the main clients of Golden Eye. India’s ace shooter claimed that various state police commissioners have already responded positively to his offer.

“After Jamia Nagar shootout in Delhi, BEST bus shootout in Mumbai and the shootout at Bhiwani in Haryana yesterday, it’s beyond doubt that the police in our country needs to take shooting a bit more seriously and professionally. I have sent consulting pitches to these state police forces and initial responses have been quite heartening.” Abhinav informed.

Abhinav denied any possibility of Golden Eye offering consultancy services to the underworld as he claimed that he wanted to run a legal and honest business. He further argued that underworld in India have already been poaching at the better shooters in Indian police force and hence he sees more opportunity with the government sector rather that the underworld.

Apart from the police departments, Abhinav has also received encouraging responses from some political leaders from Bihar who have asked Abhinav to train their men. When Faking News tried to caution Abhinav that such leaders could wrongly use his services, he expressed confidence that nothing untoward will happen.

“Our company is just going to train their men on how to shoot in air. Anyways they have expressed desire to learn to shoot in air while dancing in marriage parties. So I guess it’s pretty safe and okay for Golden Eye to provide consultancy to them.” Abhinav clarified.

Abhinav also clarified that he would run this consultancy company alongside his professional career, and hence this news should not be taken as a hint towards his retirement from the sports arena.


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