Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who will win the Big Boss season 3?

Big Boss 3Mumbai. The popular reality show Big Boss season 3, being telecast on private channel Electorals, has reached an interesting stage with two women members left in the final round – Congress leader and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit and BJP leader and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. Producers of the show are expecting that people will vote with renewed enthusiasm and interest and crown one of them as the final winner of the show.

The enthusiasm is surely high as supporters of Sheila and Vasundhara were reported to have clashed outside the main studios of Electorals, as a show of support for their favorite housemates turned violent. Fortunately the studios of Electorals were not harmed unlike a few weeks back when supporters of Raj Thackeray had attacked them for not having included their leader in the house of Big Boss. Raj had insisted that he will speak only in Marathi while the show was supposed to be in Hindi, the reason why Raj’s name was dropped from the final list of housemates.

But contrary to what happened outside the studios of Electorals, an opinion poll conducted by Faking News reveals that general masses seemed more interested in evicting both of them rather than saving either of them through votes. Many of the respondents in our opinion poll demanded that there should also be ‘eviction votes’ in Big Boss other than the general votes to save a housemate.

Earlier evicted housemate Lalu Yadav has demanded that Big Boss reality show should be wound up as people were being made fool by conniving housemates. Lalu Yadav was evicted at a time when everyone thought he had popular support of masses. Interestingly Lalu too had tried to connive and collaborate with a couple of housemates but all of them got evicted, some of whom were actually nominated for eviction by Lalu himself.

Meanwhile winner of the last season Kumari Behen Mayawati has wished best of luck to both the housemates, but has cautioned Sheila Dixit that people like last year’s evicted losers Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav are trying to manipulate the results by sending fake SMSs. Behenji suspected that most of these fake SMSs were sent by Reliance CDMA mobile phones. She has asked producers of the show to look into the matter so that this year’s winner is as worthy as herself for the prize.

The winner of this season of Big Boss is expected to earn much higher prize money and media coverage as new and bigger reality shows are lined up for telecast with national channels. The same housemates could play a major role in these shows. Interestingly, all these housemates had refused to take part in “Are you smarter than a Dumbass” show. Our reader Eve Gilchrist from Australia suspects that these housemates chickened out of the show fearing defeat, a sentiment shared by many other readers as well.

Regardless of the popular sentiments for the housemates, Faking News, though not an official partner of Big Boss season 3 show, appeals to its reader to vote and decide the winner.


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