Friday, January 16, 2009

After becoming a Minister, Golma Devi becomes a Doctor

Doctor DeviJaipur. Call her another Rabri Devi, or xerox of her husband who would rule through her, or by any other name. But you can't deny that she has achieved what many Indians aspire to do. She has got a doctorate degree (PhD) from a university, which is esteemed as one of the best universities in the world, and it is none other than our very own Harvard University.

When the dean was asked on his choice of bestowing her with this honor, he said "today, we need people who speak less, as voice-over can be done with ease. The way she took the oath was the defining moment of my life and I realized that we spend so much on artificial intelligence when everything can be done remotely by a simple voice over. This is a research that will inspire generations to work upon and develop".

Even Mrs. Golma Devi was sounding cheerful although no one could see her as her head was covered by an aanchal, so one could not see her face but sounds of giggling were heard, and mind you those were not at all artificial.

The award of PhD gave satisfaction to her mentor Sonia Gandhi, whom Golma Devi had met in person a few days back. Madam Gandhi is seen as having strong foreign influences and it’s believed that she put in the recommendations for the degree to Harvard University congress.

The news saw Railway minister Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav running to his wife and convincing her to visit "Madamji" in next Sankranti and speak less, so that the next PhD was awarded to her. "Aur tumho doctorwa banjaebu" (and then you will also become a doctor) Lalu is supposed to have confided to the original Devi of Indian politics.

Long live Indian Democracy and kudos to women Power!

(This exclusive news report has been contributed by our first female correspondent Charkha Dutt from Patna)


Anonymous said...

lol.. i m there r lot of others in the queue who wld want to take a PHD degree from harvard. for real!gud job

Anonymous said...

Great job guys..

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