Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marathon kid Budhia has started running again

Run Budhia RunBhubaneswar. Budhia Singh, who made a world record three years back by running continuously for 65 kilometers at a tender age of just four years, has started running all over again. Budhia had tried to run continuously over 70 kilometers, from Lord Jagannath's Temple in Puri to CRPF Group centre in Bhubaneswar, before doctors and the government stopped him from running further. It’s not yet clear why Budhia has started running again and this has given rise to many speculations.

A lot of people think that Budhia has got inspired by the success of the movie Slumdog Millionaire and the subsequent treatment given to the slum dwelling actor children of the movie, so much so that Congress, the largest national party of India, ended up asking those kids to campaign for the party in the elections. Budhia has spent his childhood in slums and experts believe that he was unhappy with him being ignored by political parties and media while talking about real life stars from slums and while chanting “Jai Ho”.

“I think he has every right to feel aggrieved. Even though he made a world record, he didn’t get the same treatment as the Slumdog stars are getting. He was not even made a brand ambassador by any health drink. Now he must have sensed an opportunity with the election fever catching up in the country and wants to reclaim his status of being the original child star from the slum.” Dharmendra Yadav, an expert on Indian elections told Faking News.

Budhia is not at all talking to media and has been running since Thursday morning continuously. When our correspondent tried to get his reaction on the above speculation, he just muttered, “no comments”, giving further weight and credence to the speculations that he was running for elections.

Faking News has learnt that with the news being reported by media, various political parties are now trying to reach Budhia’s family to get political endorsements from him. Congress wants to add another feather to its cap by capturing yet another slum kid to its fold, while BJP wants to have at least one partner in Orissa after BJD dumped it to join left parties.

Our sources also tell us that while Congress would like Budhia to run with his palms up (a display of empty hands) so that the election symbol of Congress is communicated, BJP would want Budhia to keep on running around Lord Jagannath's Temple for days and days to communicate respect to the Hindu faith. Both parties want to reach out to the youth of India this way, our sources inform.


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congress has really left nothing in aam aadmi's hands, it's empty hands in congress raaj

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